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Your headshot session should reflect the way you appear when you’re auditioning.

An industry professional should recognize you instantly from your headshot.

Do not attempt to accomplish a “make-over glam” transformation with your professional headshot.

Keep it natural and real.

Talent employers want “what you see is what you get” when they’re shopping for talent from headshots. 


Bring 10 or so choices of tops.

Pants can be jeans or docker-type, shorts for kids or teens

( Some shots may show pants legs in a seated shot. If you have need of a standing 3/4 shot, choose pants based on their figure flattering qualities. )

Casual, classic styles seen in J Crew, or Gap are usually the best style options.

Simple, classic, clean necklines are best.

Button up shirts, T-shirts, V-neck pullovers, Crew-necks, and Turtle-necks are all good.

NO white!

NO prints!

SOLIDS only!   Two solid colors is fine, but avoid patterns and stripes unless they are very muted

Bring both light and dark color options.

(Backgrounds vary during your session. You don’t want to blend in!)

Layers are great.

Textures are great. (Leather, large knit sweaters, satin, denim, chambray are all excellent).

Photos are shot in color, so bring lots of color options to compliment your own coloring.

The Oklahoma and Texas markets tend to project a CASUAL look in terms of commercial style.

Headshots for stage actors and performers tend to be head and shoulders only, so neckline contrast is important.

Headshots for larger markets vary according to regional trends. Heather works in both LA and NYC. Let us know if you’re planning to market yourself in one of both of these markets. We’ll adapt your look to meet those trends.


these instructions only apply if your photo session INCLUDES a stylist

Hair should be clean and dry.

Stylist will have styling products in her kit, but bring your own products if you’re picky.

If you plan to curl, straighten, or gel your hair for an additional look, begin shooting your most natural look first.

Face should be washed and free of make-up. Moisturizer base is fine.

If you’re coming from work, bring along your own facial cleanser if you’re skin is sensitive.

Women – On the day of your session, avoid using black liner around your eyes.

(It’s difficult to remove without redness or irritation.)


It’s all about the EYES – not the teeth. Look right thought that lens with your EYES.

Actors need a WIDE RANGE of emotional looks –

A relaxed, natural smile is only ONE of the looks you’ll need.  Also get poses that express:

Confidence, Vulnerability, Curiosity, Compassion and other emotions that match YOUR TYPE

Be careful that hands and arms around the face don’t obscure or alter the shape of your face

Side angels are fun and interesting, but we need to see the actual SHAPE of your face

RELAX YOUR FACE – HAVE FUN - -It will show in your photos.


Your digital  photo session with most likely provided you with 3-5 or more different looks.  It’s not cost efficient to print 100 copies of several different images. With more of the talent agencies posting your digital headshots on their websites, you simply don’t need 200 copies of one headshot. You’ll still need copies of your headshots to take to auditions, and your agents will want duplicates, but perhaps as few as 15-20. Here are some options for managing multiple images:


Los Angeles has several mass duplication services to include all of the following:

PRODUCTION POINTE (323) 934-2450 or email @ wpatg@pacbell.net
ARGENTUM  (323) 461-2775

           RAY THE RETOUCHER (323) 463-3998
           BUNKER L.A. (323) 463-1070

ANDERSON GRAPHICS (818) 909-9100

GRAPHIC REPRODUCTION (323) 874-4335  /  www.graphicreproductions.com

Every printer does things a bit differently. Most have websites with detailed instructions or they’ll e-mail or fax their digital specs to you.

You can have your photos printed on photo paper, or on coated card stock as digital lithographs (the way color magazines are printed). One bonus to color lithographs – you can run them through your home printer and print your resume on the back. Also, with lithos, there’s no extra charge for 8.5X11 size. No more trimming resumes to fit your 8x10 pix. Litho’s also cost a bit less than those on photo paper, but the image quality is equal.

Cost range is $65-95 for 100 duplicates.


Sam’s, Target & Wal-Mart all offer next day reprint enlargements for as little as $1.56-$1.99 per 8x10.  You can even order them online! While this is not the most cost efficient way to reprint large quantities, it is an excellent option for 10-20 alternate image looks, or a more practical solution for beginning actors, not yet listed with agents, who may only need 10-20 reprints to start.

NOTE – The self-serve machines are NOT a great option for headshot reprints. They cost $6.00 each and the color correction options are limited. Only use the counter assisted or on-line next day service / send away services.


The new ink jet and laser printers for your home computer are really quite amazing and ASTOUNDINGLY AFFORDABLE!! I’ve owned Epson and HP printers, but in my experience, Canon printers give you the best quality. I particularly recommend their Matte Photo Paper. It’s only $8.99 for 50 sheets. Very affordable. If you have Adobe Photo shop, you can print using their advanced enhancement tools. Adobe now makes a lower cost version of their software called ELEMENTS. It is perfect for the home photo user, with all of Adobe’s great photo retouching features without the confusing commercial printing tools. Also, every printer you buy comes with photo retouching software that’s REALLY SIMPLE to use. If you’re in the market for a new home printer – you can print as many different looks of your headshot as you like for as little as $129.00 for a new printer.


Consider using a mass duplicator for your PRIMARY headshot, then running 6-10 copies of each alternate look, using your own printer or one of the discount store reprint services.


Most of the mass duplication services offer basic layout and retouching services. You’ll find rates on their websites.

ACTS also provides these services as follows:

Headshot Selection & Consultation - $50 per hour / $25 per hour for ACTS students

Photo layout to include cropping, color and contrast adjustment, borders, frames and name imprint - $10 per headshot

Retouching to include skin corrections, masking, hair removal and other adjustments - $50/hour (most corrections take 10-15 minutes of work)

All new images will be burned to CD and a backup will be kept at ACTS

ACTS can also provide you with lower resolution copies of your headshots saved in smaller JPEG files for sending via E-mail or providing to your agent for their websites.